Reckless driver

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

My friend and I were travelling by metro bus in Islamabad. The bus was not crowded and everyone was seated as we were about to reach the last station. My friend and I stood up to take our bags out of the luggage compartment behind the seats, near the bus door. As we were taking our bags, the driver suddenly opened the bus door from his seat, even though there was no bus station there. The sudden opening of the door caused scratches on my arm and injured my friend’s foot. The whole incident was mind-boggling for us, owing to the irresponsible attitude of the driver.

Later, we found out that the driver opened the door in the middle of the road for a staff member and accidentally opened the door on the women’s side. What would have happened if the bus had been crowded? The sudden opening of the door might have caused some people to fall out of the bus. Who would have been responsible for this? Also, is it advisable to open the door in the middle of the road without informing the passengers?

Maria Zulfiqar Awan