Losing the farm

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pakistan’s wheat farmers are in a terrible situation. The current low price of wheat is causing financial hardship for farmers. Many of them are forced into financial hardship as a result of their inability to pay their production expenses despite their tireless efforts. The problem has gotten worse due to the government’s inactivity. There has been little attempt to stabilize prices or assist struggling farmers, despite appeals. Farmers are left vulnerable to market swings and middlemen as a result of this neglect, which is a reflection of structural problems in agriculture policies.

The stories of farmers weighed down by debt and uncertainty lie behind the numbers. Many run the risk of losing their land if action is not taken. Now is the moment for government action. Farmers want immediate help in the form of market access and price-stabilization strategies. The foundation of Pakistan’s agriculture industry is in danger of collapsing if immediate action is not taken.

Amna Jamshaid