PTI terms Multan by-polls another black spot on ECP’s face

Mumtaz Alvi
Tuesday, May 21, 2024

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has termed the NA-148 by-election a continuation of the ‘robbery’ on people’s mandate and another black spot on the face of the Election Commission of Pakistan.

“Despite all the misdeeds, we are thankful to the people of NA-148 for coming out in thousands and voting for the PTI-backed candidate. Serious deviation from the law and regulations, criminal use of state machinery and resources and returning the election from the worst rigging is a place to drown in shame for those who celebrate victory,” a PTI spokesperson said.

He insisted that Yousuf Raza Gillani, who was elected chairman of the Upper House of Parliament from the ‘incomplete house’, should apologize to the nation, especially the people of Multan, for destroying the sanctity of the vote along with his family. If the father-son duo claiming Bhutto’s political legacy, he contended, had a lot of shame or democracy, they would have preferred to drown in shame instead of returning such elections.

He said in Pakistan, the shameful series of blatant rape of democracy and the fundamental constitutional right of the people to vote continued. “In Sunday’s by-election in NA-148 Multan, the same act of robbery was repeated as was carried out by the state machinery on February 9 and April 21. Every robbery on people’s right to vote has been fully patronized by the criminals sitting in the Election Commission of Pakistan and it is continuing,” he alleged.

The PTI spokesman charged that from pre-election to the election day stamping, filling boxes at gunpoint and keeping PTI-backed candidates and their polling agents out of the process of preparing the results, every colour of corruption was seen in Multan. The entire nation, he claimed, saw a son of this most corrupt Gillani family of Multan filling bags of money and buying votes in Senate elections. He said the ‘dishonest and senseless’ chief election commissioner, who avoided action against Gillani’s son at that time, was still justifying the ‘fornication’ of this family at the behest of the king of jungle.

“The PTI will not give up its agenda to restore the sanctity of the vote after being fascinated by the ongoing chain of crime, lawlessness and robbery. We will fight the mandate thieves in every field, at every forum and every level and take back the mandate of people from them,” he said.