Much ado about nothing

Thursday, May 23, 2024

The ordinary people of Pakistan have not yet moved on from the so-called ‘wheat scandal’ which now has another pseudo-scandal for company. The ‘property leaks’ are yet another non-issue to keep the people occupied for the next few days. According to these leaks, there are around 17,000 Pakistanis owned 23,000 residential properties in Dubai worth around $11 billion between 2020 and 2022. This, in and of itself does not prove any wrongdoing and I believe that a substantial portion of these properties is owned by non-resident Pakistanis living and working in Dubai, of which there are many.

Although some resident Pakistanis including politicians are among the owners, I think the vast majority have not broken the law. However, if any wrongdoing is discovered it should be dealt with. That being said, I do not believe these leaks will do much good for Pakistan.

Ejaz Ahmad Magoon (FCA)

Doha, Qatar