Spelling test

Thursday, May 23, 2024

This letter refers to the news report ‘High court judge surprised at Grade 17 officer’s failure to spell mathematics’ (May 19, 2024). The officer in question apparently stated that he had obtained a BA degree in Maths, yet was reportedly unable to spell the name of the subject. The official further revealed that he got his BA as a private candidate from Shah Latif University, Khairpur. Many are unable to afford college expenses and are forced to study privately. However, this private system should be completely eradicated as it is not as rigorous as in-person attendance. This officer’s alleged inability to spell even a simple word is not an isolated case.

There have been several examples of officials lacking very basic knowledge and unfit for the seats they occupy. These tend to be the most corrupt and unethical officers and contribute to our antiquated governance system. Such revelations are also very disheartening for those young people struggling to find a job without the right contacts and connections and money. The authorities must take note of such matters and rigorously verify the qualifications of other officials too.

Hussain Aaquib Rajpar