Tree cover to be increased to curb smog

Our Correspondent
Thursday, May 23, 2024

LAHORE:Commissioner Lahore Zaid bin Maqsood said that smog and tree cover have an inverse relationship. He vowed to increase the tree cover for the provincial capital. The vigilance committees will be formed at the village level after full preparation to prevent burning of crop residues from coming October-November.

He said that strict action will be taken against the stubble burners. He said that there will be police officers along with environmental officers for anti-smog actions. He said this while chairing a meeting regarding anti-smog planning held here on Wednesday. Chief Environment P&D Saba Asghar Ali, DG EPA Punjab briefed Commissioner Lahore regarding the working and action plan for anti-smog.

Addressing the meeting, Commissioner Lahore said the senior police officer will be the focal person at the district level. He was told in the briefing that all pyrolysis plants must be demolished as per the court decision regarding smog control.

Commissioner Lahore directed that brick kilns will be allowed under anti-smog technology and there will be zero tolerance for violations. He said that action would be taken under short term and long-term policy against smoke-emitting vehicles.

He said every relevant department should play its due role for prevention of smog. Anti-smog campaign is the top priority of Punjab government and there must be anti-smog action with solid planning.

Commissioner Lahore said that the emission of vehicles from across Punjab must be checked before entering provincial capital and carbon emission report must be prepared before road and signal design change.

He said that all administrations will take anti-smog actions under the planning and policy of the Environment Department. Installation of independent air quality instruments will provide real-time data and data-driven action plans. He said that vehicles are among the major causes of smog and there will be zero tolerance on vehicle fitness.

DC Lahore Rafia Haider, DG EPA Imran Hamid, Ahsan Younis CEO Punjab Safe City Authority, CTO Lahore Amara Athar, DG PHA Tahir Watto, Director Development Javed Rashid Chohan, Chief Engineer TEPA Iqrar Hussain, AS Higher Education Usman Tahir, CEO LWMC Babar Sahib Din, P&D, LDA, Industries, Agriculture and other officers participated in the meeting.