Ban imposed on collection of sacrificial animals’ hides without permission

Khalid Iqbal
Thursday, May 23, 2024

Rawalpindi:The district administration has prohibited the collection of hides of sacrificial animals without permission. Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi, Hasan Waqar Cheema, issued an official notification on Wednesday.

According to the notification, permission is required for the collection of hides of sacrificial animals. Applications for the collection of sacrificial animal hides can be submitted until June 8. No applications will be accepted after June 8. Legal action will be taken against those collecting skins without permission. A review meeting regarding Eidul Azha was also held at the Commissioner Rawal­pindi Division office. Engineer Aamir Khattak presided over this meeting.

The Commissioner warned that Section 144 should be imposed on illegal sale points and the collection of sacrificial animals hides without an NOC. All cattle markets should be held at approved sale points on the occasion of Eidul Azha, the commissioner said. He also emphasised the need to set up a control room in the commissioner’s office to monitor sanitation arrangements. Special measures should be taken to prevent Congo virus and other diseases by considering the movement of animals before Eid.

The Department of Livestock should ensure vaccination at entry and exit points, Engineer Aamir Khattak directed. Biodegradable bags for the stuffed animals of the sacrificial animals will also be distributed to the public, he directed. Special arrangements for cleaning on Eid should be in place, and people should fully cooperate with the departments on the matter of cleaning, Engineer Aamir Khattak said. The Commissioner also mentioned that people can register their complaints by calling the toll-free number 08000-92111.

The Commissioner of Rawalpindi warned that no place in the city should be allowed to leave the carcasses of sacrificial animals to rot. During Eid, the workers will perform their duties 24 hours a day in different shifts. In narrow streets where vehicles cannot pass, manual wheelbarrows will be used, as directed by the Commissioner. He also said that for communal altars, manual rakes, gar seed bags, and sanitary workers should be allocated. Under the pre-Eid work plan, mosques should be washed, Eidgah cleaned, and graveyards cleaned. Eidgah and mosques will be strewn with lime, and commercial markets and main markets will be completely cleaned, as directed by the commissioner.