Proper disposal

Friday, May 24, 2024

As Eidul Azha approaches, there is a noticeable festive vibe in Karachi. Sadly, this joyous occasion carries with it a serious problem related to the improper disposal of animal remains after sacrifices. The streets are littered with the remains of cows, goats, etc once they have been slaughtered. This careless disposal method causes many issues. The blood and decaying animal waste attract hordes of insects that are extremely dangerous to people’s health and leave an unpleasant stinking smell, making life difficult for the residents. This reflects lack of responsibility and effective governance, endangering public health as well as taking away the attractiveness of our city.

To address this issue, the bins must be placed in lanes and on roads throughout the city. This initiative will give residents an easy way to dispose of animal remains, removing the need for them to travel far to do so. In addition, government teams should be assigned to the task of gathering and disposing of the remains as soon as possible throughout the three days of Eidul Fitr. By taking these measures, we can maintain our community’s cleanliness and well-being during this festive season while reducing the health risks linked to improper waste management.

Kaneez Zahra