Noor Alam submits bill to bar dual nationals’ appointment as civil servants

Muhammad Anis
Friday, May 24, 2024

ISLAMABAD: The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUIF) MNA, Noor Alam Afridi, has submitted a bill in the National Assembly Secretariat seeking bar on dual nationals or those having citizenship of any foreign country for appointment as civil servant, including civil posts connected with defence.

The Civil Servants (Amendment) Bill, 2024, which landed in the NA Secretariat on Thursday, proposed amendment to Section 5 of the Civil Servants Act, 1973.

Noor Alam Khan, who wanted to introduce the bill in the National Assembly, believes that a government servant having no dual nationality would stay in the country after retirement and he would not be able to evade accountability after retirement.

Section 5 of the Civil Servants Acts says that appointments to an all-Pakistan service, or to a civil service of the federation, or to a civil post in connection with affairs of the federation, including any civil post connected with defence, should be made in the prescribed manner by the president or by a person authorised by the president in that behalf.

The JUIF parliamentarian wants addition of sentence after “Provided that a civil servant holding dual nationality or citizenship of any foreign country shall not be entitled for appointment”.

The statement of objects and reasons of the proposed legislation says that government servants must have their stakes in the country in which they hold positions and privileges. It says that it has been observed that such government servants hold dual nationality putting at stake the interests of country of their origin and the moment they retire they leave the country to evade accountability.

Noor Alam, previously submitted the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2024 in the National Assembly Secretariat, seeking amendments to Article 177, 193 and 208 of the Constitution to prevent appointment of dual nationals as judges of Supreme Court, high courts and servants in the judiciary.