Traffic laws

Thursday, Jun 13, 2024

The traffic police's conduct in Lahore needs to be improved. So many times, the forklifts used to remove vehicles parked in prohibited areas lack registration plates – almost as though they are exempt from being considered vehicles themselves. Furthermore, I've observed a rather paradoxical scenario where these forklifts, intended to enforce no-parking zones, are themselves parked in these no-parking zones. This is not only a disregard for the law but also undermines the credibility of the city’s traffic police.

To cultivate a culture of law-abiding citizens, we must first make adherence to traffic laws a societal value. This, in turn, requires the traffic police to serve as a model of compliance. Merely imposing fines, especially when the traffic police itself are frequently guilty of lawbreaking, is unlikely to yield the desired results.

Muhammad Uzair Bhaur