Punjab earmarks Rs842bn for 37 schemes

Ziaullah Niazi
Friday, Jun 14, 2024

LAHORE: The Punjab government has allocated Rs842 billion in the budget for 37 development schemes under the banner of the Medium-Term Development Framework (MTDF), previously known as the Annual Development Programme (ADP), for FY2024-25.

For the 12 social-sector development schemes, Rs280.65 billion has been allocated, which includes Rs42.5 billion for school education; Rs17 billion for higher education; Rs2 billion for special education; Rs4 billion for literacy and non-formal education; Rs7.6 billion for sports & youth affairs; Rs86 billion for specialized healthcare and medical education; Rs42.6 billion for primary and secondary healthcare; Rs3.8 billion for population welfare; Rs8 billion for water supply and sanitation; Rs4 billion for women development; and Rs61.75 for local government and community development.

Under the banner of infrastructure development, Rs246.8 billion has been allocated for five development schemes, including Rs143 billion for roads; Rs25.8 billion for irrigation; Rs7.5 billion for energy; Rs30 billion for public buildings; and Rs40.5 billion for urban development.

Similarly, Rs107.850 billion has been allocated for nine development schemes of the production sector, which includes Rs64.6 billion for agriculture; Rs4 billion for forestry; Rs6.4 billion for wildlife; Rs5.3 billion for fisheries; Rs400 million for food; Rs9 billion for livestock & dairy development; Rs10.7 billion for industries, commerce & investment; Rs950 million for mines & minerals; and Rs6.5 billion for tourism.

For the four schemes of the services sector, Rs41 billion has been allocated, which includes 20.7 billion rupees for governance & IT; Rs400 million for labour & human resource development; 18.5 billion for transport; and Rs1.4 billion for emergency service (1122).

For six other schemes, Rs64.2 billion has been allocated. As per the details, Rs10 billion has been specified for environment & climate change; Rs2.6 billion for information & culture; Rs800 million each for archaeology and Auqaf & religious affairs; Rs46 billion for planning & development, while Rs101.5 billion has been specified for special initiatives.

The budget document reveals that Rs400 million has been specified for food; and Rs400 million and Rs950 million for human resource development and mines & minerals respectively. Emergency service (1122) has been allocated Rs1.4 billion.