Dismal defeats

Friday, Jun 14, 2024

Once again, fans of the Pakistan cricket team have been made to suffer through a dismal performance, this time at the ongoing T20 World Cup in the US. Pakistan has lost two crucial matches against the US and India in this mega event. The team did not play with much confidence in either of the matches. In the first match, the bowlers could not handle the pressure. In the second match, while the bowlers did well to restrict India to just 119 runs, there was not a single batsman who could take responsibility and stay at the crease to lead the country to victory.

These players, who cannot make 120 runs, make millions. There must be strict rules for cricketers who do not perform well. They are not just representing themselves, they are representing Pakistan. We, the people, no longer trust this team. There should be transparency in team selection and players should be chosen on merit. Due to the performance of these players, most people have started losing interest in cricket. The PCB must take strict action against this underperforming team.

Abdul Jabbar Gola