Transporters fleece commuters as Eid approaches fast

Khalid Iqbal
Friday, Jun 14, 2024

Rawalpindi:The government has recently reduced fuel prices by over Rs25 per litre in a month. However, the benefits of this reduction have not been passed on to the public, as transporters continued to exploit passengers as usual.

At Rawalpindi Railway Station, there was a significant increase in the number of passengers on Thursday due to the reduced fares offered by Pakistan Railways. During the Eidul Azha celebrations, long-route transporters were seen overcharging passengers who were travelling to their hometowns. The transporters justified their actions by citing the high cost of fuel. They not only doubled the fares but also charged extra for luggage, taking advantage of the festive occasion.

The local administration in Rawalpindi seemed to have neglected the plight of passengers, leaving them at the mercy of the powerful transporters. Transport terminals including Soan Terminal, Hamrahi Terminal, Pirwadhai Terminal, Tehmasabad Terminal, Tarnol Terminal, and Faizabad Terminal were overcrowded with passengers heading home for Eidul Azha celebrations.

Rashid Ali, the Secretary of the District Regional Transport Authority (DRTA), highlighted the measures taken against overcharging and overloading by the transporters during Eid. He emphasized that the safety and security of commuters were their top priority, and strict monitoring of transporters was in place to prevent overcharging.

As Eidul Azha approaches, many residents of Islamabad-Rawalpindi are leaving for their hometowns. Passengers expressed their frustration with the significant overcharging by powerful transporters, especially in the case of inter-city travel. The scarcity of public transport vehicles has led to exploitative overcharging, causing conflicts between transporters and passengers.