‘Islamabad Police’s effective strategies keep crimes at bay’

Our crime correspondent
Friday, Jun 14, 2024

Islamabad:Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, expressing tale of police performance during his 50-day tenure, claimed that the federal capital police delivering operative kept crime at bay by their operative strategy. Issuing a detailed message about the performance of the Islamabad Police over the last 50 days, mentioned that the Islamabad Police have reorganised many systems through hard work around the clock over the past 50 days, after he resumed the office of the IGP.

With the help of Islamabad citizens, crimes have been controlled, he averred adding utilising the information and calls from Pucar-15, crimes were significantly controlled, and criminal elements were arrested and detained. This effort and courage are due to the public's trust, and we will show you the eradication of crime.

He pointed out that motorcycle and vehicle patrolling by the police has been greatly enhanced. The Dolphin Force was reorganized, crime hotspots were identified, new crime prediction software was introduced, the scope and utility of Safe City Islamabad were enhanced, and a new innovation named ‘Cyber Security Digital Sophistication’ was initiated.

This involved the vertical and horizontal sophistication of Safe City Islamabad, with the arrest of criminal elements using cameras, digital surveillance, and AI features. IG Islamabad said that a system for registering FIRs based on Pucar-15 calls was introduced. The registration of FIRs was boosted, and FIRs were also registered based on previous applications. With the registration of FIRs, criminals will be apprehended, a criminal record will be available, and they will be duly punished.

He further said that, in these 50 days, 92 dangerous criminal gangs were arrested and stolen goods worth Rs210 million were recovered from their possession. The ‘Nasha Ab Nahi’ campaign was spread to the streets and educational institutions of Islamabad, and now the entire city echoes with the ‘Nasha Ab Nahi’ slogan. During this campaign, more than 450 drug dealers were arrested, and large quantities of ice, heroin, hashish, and other drugs were seized from these accused. Thanks to the cooperation of citizens, we are achieving great success in this campaign.

During the past 50 days, 404 accused were arrested for displaying weapons and possessing illegal arms. IG Islamabad added that whenever someone fired at the police, the police used their right of self-defence and ensured their protection by retaliating back. It was ensured that the accused in high-profile cases were traced, the safety of foreigners was guaranteed, and the accused involved in mobile snatching from foreigners were arrested in record time.

Efforts to apprehend wanted criminals and judicial fugitives resulted in the arrest of 603 proclaimed offenders, and 458 previously recorded accused were also arrested, marking a significant achievement for the Islamabad Police. In his concluding message, IG Islamabad said that the strength, power, and courage to accomplish all these tasks were derived from the public's trust. The Islamabad Police is your police.