US delegation praises Sindh govt’s efforts to fight drug trafficking

Our Correspondent
Friday, Jun 14, 2024

A delegation of the US Bureau of International Narcotics & Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), led by its Director Lori Antolinez, met Sindh Senior Minister for Transport & Mass Transit, Excise & Taxation (E&T), Narcotics Control and Information Sharjeel Inam Memon at the Directorate General of E&T and Narcotics Control Office.

The meeting discussed anti-narcotics efforts, mutual interests, and measures against drug trafficking. Memon briefed the delegation about the initiatives of the E&T and narcotics control department. INL Director Lori, Counter Narcotics Adviser Mark Kennedy and Drug Enforcement Administration Attaché Thomas Marshall praised the efforts of the Sindh government.

Lori said the Sindh government’s counter-narcotics efforts are commendable, while Marshall expressed readiness for all types of cooperation with the provincial government to combat drug trafficking.

Memon emphasised that the fight against drugs is a collective mission. He highlighted that all provinces of Pakistan are actively engaged in combating drug trafficking, with the Sindh government leading the efforts against drug dealers.

He briefed the delegation about the ongoing crackdown by his department and the police. He also told them about the efforts afoot to amend laws aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of anti-narcotics measures.

He emphasised that their mission is to ensure drug-free educational institutions, and highlighted the diligent efforts of the police, his department and the Anti-Narcotics Force. He also mentioned the active rehabilitation centres, and plans to establish more centres aimed at reintegrating drug addicts into society.

Memon emphasised that drugs such as ice and crystal heroin pose significant challenges, and the Sindh government’s priority is their elimination. He highlighted that the ongoing actions and crackdowns by the provincial government against drugs are intensifying day by day.

He also briefed the delegation about the Rapid Response Unit of the excise department. The INL team expressed appreciation for the establishment of the unit, describing it as a positive and welcome step by the Sindh government in their anti-narcotics efforts.

The meeting emphasised the commitment of the Sindh government and its international partners to strengthen anti-narcotics operations and enhance cooperative efforts. After the meeting, Memon presented traditional Sindhi Ajrak as gifts to the distinguished guests.