Genocide in Gaza

Editorial Board
Saturday, Jun 15, 2024

Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza has entered its ninth month, with over 37,000 Palestinians killed. On Monday, the UN Security Council (UNSC) adopted a three-phase ceasefire resolution backed by the US, but there has been no progress since. The UNSC meeting was held after a horrific attack by Israel at the Al-Nuseirat Refugee Camp in Gaza. With this attack, the settler state, allegedly with the help of the US, succeeded in rescuing four, apparently well-fed hostages. This ‘successful’ operation resulted in the deaths of at least 200 Palestinians, and left around 400 people injured. Of course, all Palestinian deaths are ‘collateral damage’ for Israel and its supporters. The reason for Israel’s reluctance to accept the UN ceasefire proposal (which calls for the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops in the second phase) is probably its war obsession.

Since October 7, ordinary Israelis have been cheering for a bloodbath in Gaza. The images of disfigured bodies and dead children somehow satisfy the war mongers who criticize their government when they see Palestinians turning to the beach for some respite. Last week, the celebrations for the rescue operation ignored the deaths of civilians, including children. The details of the operation are too gloomy and show the double standard of a Western world that does not acknowledge the plight of people who have a different skin colour. According to reports, Israeli troops attacked hiding inside aid trucks. There is depravity and then there is the Netanyahu-led Israel that keeps showing new levels of evil. Luring a starving population into a death trap through the help of aid trucks is a war crime even the worst war criminals may shudder at. Reports also say that the US pier that was built to transport humanitarian aid to Palestinians was used for the operation. The four hostages rescued could have reunited with their families months ago. But Israel and its allies, through their complicit media outlets, were more interested in building war hysteria. To be fair, a few days after October 7, Hamas released two elderly hostages. But it seems that rationality and sanity have long left Israel. A couple of freed hostages also tried to convince their government to work on a hostage exchange deal, but to no avail.

Israel has become a textbook example of a racist and rogue state that does not see Palestinians as humans. Because it has support from the US, it may get away with such terror at this moment. But the genocide will not be forgotten by millions of people around the world – esepcially the millioms of Gen Z youth. None of that though can bring back the children, women, men killed so ruthlessly in Gaza. For the Palestinians, Never Forget and From the River to the Sea are not mere hashtags but a reminder of all they have lost in search of freedom.