FIA arrests suspect involved in harassment on social media

Our crime correspondent
Saturday, Jun 15, 2024

Islamabad:The Cyber Crime Circle of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested a suspect, Kashif Hassan, involved in sexual harassment on social media, the FIA said. The suspect who was involved in sharing objectionable content on WhatsApp and online harassment.

The accused's act was violation of the victim's privacy and security, the FIA maintained. The FIA's swift action in apprehending the suspect and initiating an investigation is commendable. The officials engaged in the investigation of the case said that the arrest served as a warning to those who engage in similar criminal activities that they will be caught and brought to justice. The FIA's efforts to combat cybercrime and online harassment are laudable, and it is essential to continue such initiatives to ensure the safety and security of citizens in the digital space.

The fact that the accused was found to have recorded the victim's images and videos with malicious intentions and was blackmailing them is a serious concern. It highlights the need for increased awareness and education about online safety and the importance of reporting such incidents to the authorities. Overall, this is a positive development in the fight against cybercrime, and it demonstrates the FIA's commitment to protecting citizens from online harassment and exploitation.