PTI founder enjoys lavish lifestyle in prison: Azma

Our Correspondent
Saturday, Jun 15, 2024

LAHORE: Provincial Information Minister Azma Bokhari said that six jail cells have been vacated for PTI founder and he is enjoying a lavish lifestyle in the prison. PTI founder met with 288 people in last 8 months and his family and his lawyers meet him thrice a week. Azma expressed these views while rebutting to Barrister Saif's statement on Friday.

She further said Imran Khan has been provided with TV, room cooler, study table, chair, exercise bike, stretching belt, bookshelves, books and a separate space for walking twice a day along with a separate kitchen. She said Nawaz Sharif was allowed to meet his family only once in a week while PTI founder and his wife have been provided all the facilities which are provided to the VVIPs. Those removing air conditioner of Nawaz Sharif shouldn’t play the victimisation card today. She said the leadership of PMLN does not believe in revenge politics. The founder of PTI and Bushra Bibi are in jail today because of their misdeeds and they are trying to pose themselves as victims before the public.