Transporters fined Rs3.57m, passengers refunded Rs4.95m

Our Correspondent
Monday, Jun 17, 2024

Sindh Transport & Mass Transit Minister Sharjeel Memon, the Provincial Transport Authority, the Regional Transport Authority and the District Regional Transport Authority have been carrying out a province-wide campaign against the transporters who are charging excess fares in connection with the religious festival of Eidul Azha.

The campaign, which is being conducted in collaboration with the traffic police, the district police and the National Highways & Motorway Police, aims to protect the passengers visiting their families on the occasion of Eid from paying excess fares.

During the government drive, strict action has been taken against the transporters who are violating the rules, with the passengers being refunded on the spot and the transporters being fined.

The number of vehicles checked in different cities of the province has reached 4,121, while an amount of Rs4,946,150 in additional fares has been refunded to the passengers, and Rs3,569,550 has been collected from the transporters in fines.

According to the details shared by the transport department, 348 vehicles were checked on June 10, with passengers being refunded Rs247,200 and transporters being fined Rs87,900, while 369 vehicles were checked on June 11, with passengers being refunded Rs105,300 and transporters being fined Rs365,900.

On June 12 the officials checked 230 vehicles, refunding Rs104,300 to passengers and fining transporters Rs299,300, while on June 13 the officials checked 857 vehicles, refunding Rs978,500 to passengers and fining transporters Rs589,100.

Moreover, on June 14 the officials checked 1,105 vehicles, refunding Rs1,237,100 to passengers and fining transporters Rs1,288,550, while on June 15 the officials checked 1,212 vehicles, refunding Rs2,273,750 to passengers and fining transporters Rs938,800.