Justice (retd) Mian Dilawar Mahmood passes away

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

LAHORE:Justice (retd) Mian Dilawar Mahmood, father-in-law of News Editor of daily The News Imran Ahmad Sheikh and father of former magazine editor of daily The Nation Samar Mahmood, died of a cardiac arrest here on Wednesday.

His funeral procession will be taken out of his residence 37-Masson Road, Lahore, on Thursday, June 20 before Asr prayers. Funeral prayers will be held at Ibrahim Mosque close to his residence after the Asr prayers. He will be laid to rest in the Miani Sahib graveyard the same evening. Grieved Mian Nazim Mahmood (son) Dr Afshan Mahmood (daughter) and Usman Ali Chaudhry (son-in-law).