Joint efforts stressed to control diseases

Saturday, Jun 22, 2024

LAHORE: Dengue is a dangerous disease that can cause death. People should keep their houses and areas clean. Measles is a contagious disease. Its symptoms include fever, red rashes on the body, cough, watery eyes and nose, and conjunctivitis if treatment and precautions are not taken it can lead to serious complications and can be fatal.

These views were expressed by speakers at an ‘Awareness seminar on Measles and Dengue’ organised under the auspices of Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society, (Jang Group of Newspapers), Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Punjab and UNICEF. Provincial Health Minister Khawaja Salman Rafique said that the Punjab government had controlled polio which was not possible without the public cooperation. The minister stressed joint efforts to control dengue and advised people to keep houses and environment clean.

Provincial Health Minister Khawaja Imran Nazir said that by doing hard work the government had controlled polio. He laid emphasis on public cooperation to control diseases and said that during survey if we find dengue, we will put a red mark in the affected house and this law will apply to everyone, he warned.

Former Health Minister Prof Dr Javed Akram said that the main cause of dengue is the pollution in our environment. In the countries where this disease has been controlled, the reason is the change in behaviour.

Associate Professor Dr Somia Iqtidar said that in South Asia, where we live, dengue cases have been reported the most, so far millions of dengue cases have been reported. Lahore’s data is better than other cities. Dengue fever can occur in any age, from children to adults. We have to adopt preventive measures then we can control this disease. Dengue vaccine is available in some countries, currently it is not available in Pakistan. Dengue can attack throughout the year, but in extreme heat and cold, mosquito breeding is less, so dengue cases are less. Dengue is a social problem and not a medical problem so we should adopt innovative ways to get rid of it. There is no cure for dengue in papaya leaves and pomegranate juice, we should take real preventive measures apart from home remedies so that we can get rid of this dangerous disease as soon as possible. Geo TV Bureau Chief in Lahore Raees Ansari said that Allah has given us a lot of grace that all seasons come with intensity. Dengue is not born in extreme cold and extreme heat, but from July to November is the peak time when we should take special measures to prevent dengue, like corruption, diseases are also spreading. We need to eradicate these diseases from the roots.

We need to eradicate corruption as well as diseases from our country. Director CDG Dr Yadullah said that among the patients infected with measles, the cases of six-month-old children are now coming before us. We have to overcome these diseases together. Now the dengue vaccine has arrived and the disease has been brought under control. Dengue has now spread to 140 countries. Prof Dr Tallat Naseer Pasha said that we need to take care of the patient’s diet during the treatment of dengue. Adherence to medicine as well as good diet, including Vitamin C, is very important for recovery. Prof Dr Waseem Akram said that we need to spread awareness among people about keeping environment clean to protect from dengue fever. Khurram Mubeen said that it is our responsibility that all of us must take the vaccine that the government provides. We should prove ourselves to be responsible people and get ourselves and our family members vaccinated by the government and then we will be able to control all these dangerous diseases.

Dr Irfan Ahmed said that the people and the government would work together to protect from all kinds of dangerous diseases. It is impossible to control diseases without the public cooperation.

Wasif Nagi said that our carelessness is the cause of diseases these days. They will be defeated only when we show unity.

(Report: Hira Batool)