Governor approves Price Control Act

Our Correspondent
Saturday, Jun 22, 2024

LAHORE: Governor Sardar Salim Haider Khan assented the following five Acts which would come into effect immediately.

They assented acts included: Police Order (Punjab Amendment) Act 2024, Punjab Agricultural Marketing Regulatory Authority (Amendment) Act 2024, Punjab Healthcare Commission (Amendment) Act 2024, Punjab Price Control of Essential Commodities Act 2024, Punjab Civil Servants (Amendment) Act 2024. According to the details, an organised crime unit shall be established in each district under the Police Order (Punjab Amendment Act 2024). The organised crime unit in Capital City District shall be headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, while in City District, the Senior Superintendent of Police or Superintendent of Police. The Organised Crime Unit will have jurisdiction over cases related to gangs involved in kidnapping for ransom, robbery and dacoity, motor vehicle theft, drug trafficking, inter-provincial and inter-district property related crimes. After the implementation of the Punjab Civil Servants (Amendment) Act, 2024, a civil servant appointed or regularised on or after the commencement of Punjab Civil Servants (Amendment) Ordinance shall participate in a defined contribution pension scheme.