Unjust solution

Monday, Jun 24, 2024

The idea that the only solution left to resolve the Palestine-Israel dilemma is the formation of two states indirectly forces world communities to accept the illegitimate and autocratic rule of Israel. Israel is mainly an outsider force that captured Palestinian territories with the help of European countries and subsequently dispersed the indigenous population. Now, it is again expanding its territorial jurisdiction with the help of the West. The ultimate mission of the Zionist state, in my view, is to eradicate Palestinians through ethnic cleansing. In a nutshell, if we try to legitimize the occupation of Israel by creating a two-state formula, then we are actually emboldening oppressors throughout the world. If strong states support you, then you can justify your illegitimate rule as legitimate. It has been more than eight months and still, this democratic and liberal world has failed to stop the massacre in Gaza.

Faislan Shafa Isfahani