Ex-Danish minister gets prison term for separating migrant couples

Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021

COPENHAGEN: Denmark’s former immigration minister was on Monday sentenced to two months in prison after a special court found her guilty of illegally separating several couples of asylum seekers where the woman was a minor.

"Inger Stojberg is found guilty of a deliberate violation of the Ministerial Responsibility Act," Denmark’s Court of Impeachment of the Realm said in a statement, adding that the punishment had been set at 60 days in jail.

Stojberg was accused of violating the European Convention on Human Rights by ordering the separation of asylum-seeking couples, some of whom had children, when the woman was under the age of 18. While the sentence was not suspended, those in Denmark serving less than six months are eligible for electronic monitoring instead, meaning Stojberg is unlikely to spend any time in prison.