LPG consumers worried over price hike

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021

Rawalpindi: The LPG consumers are extremely worried over artificial pricehike that has made it difficult for them to afford this facility in ongoing winter season.

Noreen Fatima, a housewife, said “Every time when we approach LPG dealers they inform us about new prices. When we make argument then they suggest us to contact any other dealer.”

“We bought LPG at Rs250 per kilogramme last time and now they are charging Rs265 for one kilogramme to cash in on the miseries of the people,” she said. She said “When we see the official rates that are too below from the rates being charged by the LPG dealers. So there is a need to keep vigil over this kind of blackmailing.”

Shahida Kausar, another housewife, said “The government has introduced mechanism to provide limited gas to the consumers. Now we have no other option except to use LPG or firewood to meet our requirements.”

She said, “The use of firewood is not an easy task especially in small houses. But the rising prices of LPG are also a source of grave concern for the common people.” It is pertinent to mention here that the cold weather conditions have gripped the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The use of LPG and firewood has increased due to which the dealers are earning extra profits from cash-starved consumers.

Naeem Asif, a resident of Saddar area, said “It is nearly impossible to use electric geyser because when the government adds taxes to the actual electricity bill then one unit of electricity often costs the consumers around Rs27. So if there is no gas then we can also not able to use electric geyser due to inflated electricity bills.”

He said: “I have registered complaint with the relevant government department against sale of LPG on unauthorised prices. Now I hope it will take action and ensure the LPG dealers charge the prices fixed by the government.”