Rawal Dam Chowk Interchange likely to be completed by June 2022

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021

Islamabad:Chairman of the Capital Development Authority along with member engineering and senior officers on Monday visited Rawal Dam Interchange and 7th Avenue Interchange project and inspected the progress of construction work.

On this occasion, the CDA chairman directed the concerned officers to install reflectors around Rawal Dam Interchange site to facilitate commuter as well as to complete the slip roads of the project and open them for traffic this month.

CDA chairman directed the concerned formation to ensure high quality of construction work as well as to further expedite the pace of work. Due date for completion of Rawal Dam project is October 2022 but is likely to be completed earlier by June 2022, whereas the fly over part of interchange is being targeted to be completed by January/February 2022.

Furthermore, the CDA chairman, on the occasion of his visit to 7th Avenue Interchange, directed the concerned departments to complete the 7th Avenue Bridge by February 2022 and open it for traffic while also directed to complete the construction of 7th Avenue Interchange by August 2022.

It should be noted that October 2022 was set for the completion of the 7th Avenue Interchange project. In order to maintain the flow of traffic, instructions were issued that CDA and traffic police officers should work out a traffic diversion plan so that the citizens do not face any difficulty and also save the citizens from wasting precious time. Instructions were also issued to display traffic diversion signs at prominent places for public guidance and alternative routes. The CDA chairman directed the Environment Wing to select suitable sites in both the projects and plant as many trees as possible.

Furthermore, the CDA administration directed the concerned departments to expedite the work and use all the resources to complete both the projects so that the citizens do not face any problem like traffic jam.