Traffic mess on roads irks citizens

Friday, Jan 14, 2022

Rawalpindi: Heavy traffic jams on roads especially during peak hours are creating problems for the citizen and the authorities concerned of City Traffic Police have been urged to take solid steps to ensure smooth flow of traffic to provide relief to the motorists.

The citizens said that they face inconvenience when they reach late at their destinations, as traffic is not regulated properly by the traffic wardens on different routes. Talking about traffic jams in the city, people belonging to different walks of life said, the Benazir Bhutto Road, Raja Bazaar Road, Bank Road, Banni Chowk, Saidpur Road, Pirwadhai Road, Tench Bhatta and 22 Number Chungi are the main arteries of the city but due to traffic jam citizens are suffering a lot.

The traffic wardens do not perform their duties properly at several chowks, said a motorist. The citizens urged the authorities concerned that strict checking of traffic rules violations should be ordered. The commuters face traffic problems on the congested Murree Road, especially from Mareer Chowk to Chandni Chowk, Banni Road, Tench Bhatta, and Pindora Road due to heavy traffic load, traffic mismanagement, and rules violations.