PAC summons NAB chairman on 26th

Asim Yasin
Friday, Jan 14, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Public Accounts Committee Chairman Rana Tanveer Hussain has summoned National Accountability Bureau Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal for a briefing to the committee on January 26.

In a press talk after a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee on Wednesday, he said the Prime Minister’s Office has distanced itself from the issue of summoning the NAB chairman. He said if the NAB chairman does not attend the PAC meeting, the committee will consider filing a reference against him. He directed the audit of the Auditor General’s Office, saying that the auditor general of Pakistan should set an example. “Being the auditor general, he must first hold his organization accountable,” he said.

He said some organizations have made the issue of audit of their accounts an issue of their ego. “I have started the audit of 9 to 10 institutions including National Bank and sought list of departments which are not conducting audit of their accounts through the office of the auditor general of Pakistan,” he said.

On the issue of manufacturing cooking oil from the chicken feed, he said some people are playing with people’s health for easy money. “The Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority should fulfil its responsibility in this regard,” he said, adding that those involved in this practice could be caught as when he was a federal minister, all such factories in Karachi were closed down. “We had also sealed such factories in Faisalabad where pork was included in the chicken feed,” he said, adding that they have sworn on the holy Quran for not doing it in the future.

The PAC chairman also raised a question about the quality of ghee and cooking oil being sold at the Utility Stores.