Funding secrets

Thursday, Jan 20, 2022

This refers to the news report ‘ECP rejects PTI’s plea to keep its funding record secret’ (January 19). It is good to note that the ECP has ordered access to the PTI’s entire record and bank statements acquired through the State Bank of Pakistan in July 2018.

It should be mentioned that for over three years, the ECP Scrutiny Committee – on the request of the ruling PTI – kept this information private.

If the PTI had nothing to hide and since it has always claimed to stand for transparency, why did it have to insist on secrecy? Another odd thing is that the case is being handled by the PTI’s ‘ninth’ counsel.

The ruling party has requested the ECP to club all similar cases – a demand that the petitioner’s counsel rightly called ‘preposterous’. Accepting such a demand will cause additional unnecessary delays.

S R H Hashmi