Criminal justice system being reformed: Imran

Mumtaz Alvi
Thursday, Jan 20, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday said the rule of law is one of the top priorities of the government and added due to the lack of significant changes in the criminal system over time, the gap between the rich and the poor in the country has widened.

He emphasised that for the first time in the history of the country, the government is reforming the criminal justice system. “With the implementation of reforms, the government's manifesto for the rule of law will be able to be put into practice,” prime minister said.

In this connection, Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a meeting on reforms in the government's criminal justice system. The prime minister was given a detailed briefing on the reforms in the country's criminal justice system.

It was informed in the meeting that for the first time in the 70-year history of the country, the government is bringing major changes in the system for which decisions have been taken by consensus with the trust of all stakeholders. In addition, the best practice at the international level has been taken into account in changing the law. Digitisation of FIRs in the new system, trial procedures, appeals, collection of evidence from electronic and digital means, use of modern equipment in line with international standards in criminal system, changes in plea bargain procedures, video evidence are the features of the reforms.

The meeting was further informed that new offenses and provisions have been proposed in the criminal law, including laws for protection of women such as stalking of women. The meeting was informed that amendments to PPC and CrPC are also part of these reforms. The proposed amendments bill will soon be introduced in Parliament which, if passed, will not only improve crime prevention but also help in apprehending criminals who were out of the grip of the law due to lack of punishment in the old system after innovation. Effective action against them will also be possible.

The prime minister appreciated the efforts of Federal Minister for Law Forough Naseem and Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Law Malika Bukhari and a team of legal experts and said that reforms were essential for the rule of law in the country. The meeting was attended by Federal Minister for Law, Farogh Naseem, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Law, Malika Bukhari and adviser to the Ministry of Law.