Opp submits resolution in support of parliamentary system

Muhammad Anis
Thursday, Jan 20, 2022

ISLAMABAD: The opposition parties have submitted a resolution in the National Assembly Secretariat to reiterate support for continuation of the federal parliamentary system in the country.

"This House reiterates that the federal parliamentary system in spirit of the Constitution is the basis of a strong political system in the country," the resolution said. PMLN Parliamentarian Ahsan Iqbal on his twitter account said the opposition parliamentarians have submitted the resolution in the National Assembly. "Let us see whether it is taken up in National Assembly proceedings or not on Friday," he said. The resolution said the house expressed the resolve that the country’s sovereignty and strength lies in an effective and strong parliamentary system. The resolution stated that all political forces feel that the solution to all problems being faced by the country lies in the supremacy of Constitution.

Ahsan Iqbal told The News that the resolution was submitted in view of a campaign on the social media in support of the presidential form of system in the country.

Meanwhile, the proceedings of the National Assembly on Wednesday were adjourned without holding any business due to lack of quorum till Friday.