CM Usman Buzdar seeks job quota proposals for backward dists

Our Correspondent
Wednesday, Mar 02, 2022

LAHORE:The 51st Punjab cabinet meeting held under Chief Minister Usman Buzdar at his office approved an amendment to Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974 and unanimously reserved 32pc job quota for south Punjab, according to a handout issued here on Tuesday.

The CM directed the committee to present recommendations for reserving job quotas for other backward districts. The cabinet approved to amend West Pakistan Rules under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 and decided to include the clause of an oath about the finality of Prophethood (PBUH). The marrying couples would have to testify their belief in the finality of Prophethood (PBUH) at the time of their Nikah. The cabinet gave in-principle approval to lease out state lands for corporate farming under CPEC and the CM directed for constituting a ministerial committee to devise lease rules. Around 500 to 5,000 acres of land would be utilised for this purpose to create job opportunities and modernise the agriculture sector for food security. The CM directed for submitting a policy for giving proprietary rights to dwellers of katchi abadis in the next meeting while the cabinet also approved the Punjab Sahulat Bazaar Authority Act, 2021 to permanently establish Insaf Sahulat Bazaars up to tehsil level to provide essential items to the consumers on subsidised rates.

The cabinet approved amendments in the birth control policy for pie dogs in the light of court directions, Punjab Road Safety Authority Act, 2020 and Punjab Drugs Rules, 2007. It also decided to amalgamate technical and vocational institutions at one platform while approving the reconstitution of the district consumer protection council and Punjab Private Schools Regulatory Authority to regulate private schools along with resolving public complaints.

The participants approved austerity measures for 2021-22 and expansion of the scope of the Waseela taleem programme of secondary education and Punjab Examination Business Rules, 2021. Approval was granted to give DDO powers to SHO along with the approval of 720 posts of accountants (senior clerks in grade 14). It was decided to transfer rare birds from the first schedule to the third schedule and from the fourth schedule to the third schedule under Punjab Wildlife Protection, Preservation, Conservation and Management Amendment Act, 2007.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Tuesday that people of south Punjab had been given a separate identity while empowering the south Punjab secretariat and regretted that the past rulers did nothing except making tall claims. He said this during a meeting with MNA Sardar Nasrullah Khan Dreshak and Provincial Livestock Minister Sardar Husnain Bahadur Dreshak who called on him at CM Office. The chief minister said that claimants of the long march could not dare to hold even a short march, he maintained that those boasting about no-confidence move do not trust each other.

Pakistan could not be moved forward through a no-confidence threat or long march, he said and regretted that the opposition was trying to impede the development journey through politics of anarchy. This undemocratic behaviour was detrimental to the country’s future and the nation had also recognized the negativity of the opposition leaders, he added.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar Tuesday said that importance of Civil Defence department could not be ignored as it was imperative to update the institution as per modern-day needs and requirements.