Imran has only added to common man’s misery: Bilawal

Our Correspondent
Wednesday, Mar 02, 2022

SUKKUR: Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said Imran Khan is robbing Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan and increasing their misery and dismay. He said Imran Khan has no sensitivity towards the problems of the people.

The chairman PPP was given a rousing welcome when his long march reached Khairpur on Tuesday. Addressing the charged crowd of hundreds of people and Jiyalas, he said PPP's senior leader Qaim Ali Shah and Imran Khan are nearly of the same age but Qaim Ali Shah still works for the youth whereas the puppet Imran has disappointed them.

The chairman PPP said that the long march will enter Punjab on Thursday and through the GT Road "we will enter Islamabad and will remove this undemocratic puppet through the no-confidence motion." Bilawal claimed that the prime minister bowed down to the pressure of the long march and announced steps to reduce petrol and electricity prices, but he cannot fool the people who know that just a day before, the electricity tariff was increased by Rs6 and the petrol price by Rs12. "Imran Khan's gimmickry will not work," he said.

Criticising the prime minister for muzzling the country's media, Bilawal said the prime minister moans of being the target of scrutiny by the very media that has been controlled and severely restrained by his government. The PTI government must be the worst in country for denying freedom of expression and targetting working journalists. He called him a coward for finding fault with media that has been subjected the media to draconian curbs.

The 'new Pakistan' is not acceptable to the people because there is no return to the labour of a common man, no return to the growers, no return on academic degrees because the youth cannot get jobs. The farmers, he said, became the first victim of the PTI government who robbed them of their due share of water. Bilawal said Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto provided jobs to the people. He said president Asif Ali Zardari stabilized the destroyed economy, got the 18th Amendment passed to devolve the rights to the provinces. Thanking Zardari, Bilawal said no one can compete with him. When president Zardari came to power, the world was witnessing one of the worst recessions, but he introduced BISP, increased salaries and pensions up to 100 per cent. In contrast, this puppet for the last three years has been saying that he cannot provide jobs to the youth.

Every promise by Imran Khan has proved to be false whether it was one crore jobs or 50 lac houses. "He is a liar and the Jiyalas will hold him accountable for every lie," he said. Imran says do not panic if you have expensive gas, petrol, electricity, medicine, essential commodities, edibles, etc. He does not know that Jiyalas do not worry but it is now time for Imran Khan to start worrying. He dared the prime minister to dissolve the assemblies and contest elections against the PPP.

Bilawal said in the last eight years of rule in KP and three years in the federal government, Imran Khan cannot match the development in Khairpur district only. The PPP has established universities, Gambat Hospital where free treatment of kidney, liver, heart, cancer, Thalassemia is offered and has now started free of cost bone marrow transplants. On the other hand, Shaukat Khanum only treats cancer and that too on hefty charges.