Security plan for matches at Gaddafi Stadium

Our Correspondent
Monday, Mar 21, 2022

LAHORE: Police have chalked out a comprehensive security plan for Pak-Australia matches to be played at Gaddafi Stadium from March 21 (today) till April 5.

According to the plan, more than 8,000 police officers and officials of different units of Lahore police including SsP, SDPOs, SHOs, Dolphin Squad, Police Response Unit and Elite Force would perform security, patrolling and traffic duties during the matches. Ten SsP, three 1DSsP, 77 SHOs, 332 upper-subordinates, more than six thousand FCs including lady constables, 204 teams of Dolphin Squad and 107 teams of Police Response Unit (PRU) would be deputed.

Australian players and officials have been given the status of state guests according to the government directions. The CCPO said a four-layer security would be provided to the citizens who will only be allowed to enter the stadium after a complete checking process and with Corona SOPs. He said CCTV cameras around the stadium and parking areas are fully operational and traffic advisory would be strictly enforced.