Buzdar announces Rs8 billion Ramazan package

Our Correspondent
Monday, Mar 21, 2022

LAHORE: The Punjab government has given a mega Ramazan package to the masses, said Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in a statement issued here on Sunday.

The chief minister said an amount of Rs8 billion has been allocated for Ramazan package.

He stated that masses would be provided with edibles according to the prices of 2021 in Ramazan bazaars.

The chief minister said a 10-kg flour bag will be provided at Rs375 and 13 items including potatoes, onions and tomatoes will be available at Agri Fair Price Shops on reduced prices compared to local market prices.

The chief minister highlighted that an amount of Rs1.25 billion subsidy will be provided for the provision of vegetables, fruits and pulses on discount rates in Ramazan bazaars.

He stated 317 Ramazan bazaars will be made functional from Sha’aban 25 across the province.

He maintained that the timings of Ramazan bazaars will be from 9am till Iftar. He emphasised that the PTI government has awarded a special relief package to provide relief to the downtrodden and impecunious segment of society during Ramazan.

He outlined that an effective monitoring system has been chalked out in order to provide benefits of Ramazan package to the common man. The chief minister stressed that each and every penny will be provided to the deserving people and he will himself monitor Ramazan package.