Anger mounts among locked-down Shanghai residents

Sunday, Apr 24, 2022

SHANGHAI: China’s main financial hub in Shanghai reported more new deaths linked to Covid-19 on April 22, as residents expressed anger at the harsh lockdown and strict internet censorship.

The full lockdown of Shanghai began at the beginning of April, although many people have been confined to their homes for longer, and tension is beginning to tell residents. The city, which is battling the largest outbreak of the coronavirus in China so far, reported 12 new Covid-19 deaths on Friday, up from 11 the day before.

The Shanghai government said the average age of the patients who died is 88. All of them had underlying health conditions, and none had been vaccinated.

On social media, netizens battled against censors overnight to share a six-minute video called “The Voice of April,” a montage of sounds recorded over the course of the outbreak in Shanghai.