Online transactions: Debit card fraud inflicts major financial loss

News Desk
Sunday, Apr 24, 2022

KARACHI: Surfacing of another online scandal with debit card customers created panic among the online banking users.

The sources said initially customers of three private commercial banks’ were the victims of online debit card fraud. They said the complaints were surfaced in the past two days, in which various transactions of small amounts were made from their accounts. These fraud transactions were made in foreign accounts using international currency, saying it was done through the ‘Google’ search engine.

After the debit card fraud surfaced, the worried customers contacted their banks, while the cyber crime wing of the FIA also contacted the fraud victims and initiated a probe. The sources currently refused to verify the number of customers victimised by the debit card fraud, as initially only those customers came to know about being defrauded who receive emails or text messages regarding trasnsactions on their mobile numbers.