Pak envoy told NSC his letter was tampered with: Sana

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Sunday, Apr 24, 2022

FAISALABAD: Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanallah Khan has said that former ambassador to the United States, Dr Asad Majeed Khan, told the National Security Committee (NSC) that he had not written the letter which talked about an “American conspiracy.”

Addressing a reception, the minister said Asad Majeed had informed the National Security Committee (NSC) that the words of his diplomatic post were changed. “The ambassador said there was no mention of a conspiracy or mistrust in his written post. It appears that the post had reached the Foreign Ministry and Shah Mehmood Qureshi added the word intervention to it,” he added.

Meanwhile, Asad Majeed Khan has rejected statements being attributed to him on social media. In a tweet, he said, “It is important for all to know that this is my only Twitter account -- a verified one. Anything being tweeted from any other account in my name is fake.”