Sherry calls Imran a fascist in search of power

Asim Yasin
Saturday, May 14, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman has called Imran Khan a fascist in search of personal power.

‘Imran Khan is like a little child whose toy has been snatched from him, but he needs to be reminded that Pakistan is not a toy. And it is certainly not his playpen,’ she said while reacting to recent speeches of Imran Khan.

She said Imran Khan cannot defend his protests driven by megalomania by calling it a revolution or Jihad as his weaponisation of a toxic mix of hyper nationalism garnished with doses of inflammatory extremism is designed to appeal to a mix of malcontents including armchair revolutionaries and WhatsApp warriors, but it’s really the dark face of a cult-driven fascism that he is promoting.

She said it is clear that Imran Khan has no concern for Pakistan or its people as all he wants is to come into power; for that, he is willing to do anything. ‘Khan and his hooligans are in a constant struggle to come into power, but the question is what will they do if they come back?’ She said Imran Khan has repeatedly disregarded the Constitution and institutions which uphold it.’ She said he wants to bring Pakistan to the brink of a civil war for the sake of his addiction to power.