Spare the students

Saturday, May 14, 2022

After the terror attack that took place inside the University of Karachi, the varsity’s management has become a nuisance for its students in the name of ‘security checks’. Private vehicles and vans that are registered with the university for providing pick up and drop off services to students are stopped outside the main gates. Hundreds of students are gathered at one spot for hours where they are subjected to search due to which most students miss their early morning classes. Once they have passed the single walk-through gate, they walk to their respective departments from the main gates – the nearest department is one kilometre away. Also, all canteens and cafeterias have been shut down for security purposes. The students cannot even buy themselves a single bottle of water.

Are the students responsible for the terrible incident that happened last month? The university’s poor security management led to the awful attack. Why are the students suffering in the name of security? When will the Sindh government take notice of this situation? Who will listen to the pleas of the students of Karachi’s largest university?

Samra Naveed