Time and money

Saturday, May 14, 2022

This refers to the letter, ‘Expensive rallies’ (May 13) by Imtiaz Akhter. The writer has highlighted important points. At a time when the country’s economy is stuck in reverse, political rallies are a waste of time and money. Young supporters of the country’s political parties attend these rallies to show their support. Instead of creating job opportunities for our youth, our politicians use them to show their strength. For how long will we continue with this?

A leader must realize that his/her focus should be on the promise s/he made to their supporters. Instead of showing the strength of their support base, leaders must focus on their performances and take steps to develop the country. The funds that are being used to manage these rallies can be utilized in some productive activities. It is time our politicians thought about the country’s future generation.

Muhammad Bakhtiyar