PSVs Management System launched to control Motorway accidents

Our Correspondent
Saturday, May 21, 2022

LAHORE:Motorway Sector M-3 launched PSVs Management System on Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway to overcome the menace of road accidents of Public Service Vehicles.

Better usage of modern and intelligent technology can prevent accidents and loss of precious human and emotional trauma, said a spokesperson of NHMP M-3 Sector on Friday. The Sector M-3 of Motorway Central-1 Zone initiated a PSVs Management system intending to save precious human lives by using technology to monitor and maintain a database of Public Service Vehicle (PSVs) plying on Motorway M-3. To preserve data of each PSV including its drives particulars, details of PSVs companies, daily vehicles and drivers' trips, an Android application was developed for briefing officers of NHMP. With the help of this application, the NHMP field officers were enabled to inspect PSVs, especially tyres and fitness of vehicles, before commencing the journey for the safety of onboard passengers.

The system is smart enough to pop up notifications when any discrepancy is observed under inspection PSV. Further, entry of any PSV Company, a specific vehicle and a particular driver having rash driving history can be restricted to ply on Motorway through the same application. Besides, tracker access to all PSVs is also attained, and drivers' behaviour is monitored continuously from the control room 24/7. In case of speeding or rash driving, the same PSV is enforced on the Motorway by sending its details to field formation. On spot driving license and fitness certificate verification of PSVs are also components of the same project.

He further added that this initiative brought about an impressive output about public safety; facts and figures depict that compared to the years 2019 and 2020, in which 06 PSVs accidents occurred each year, the figure dropped to 02 accidents in the years 2021, the Year 2022 is accident-free till date. In PSVs accidents, 03 people died in 2019 and 05 in 2020; however, in 2021, two people died, and 2022 was without any causality. The number of minor injuries also reduced from 27 in 2020 to 07 in 2021. As per the vision and directions of IG, NHMP, Sector Commander M-3 implanted the project effectively. It has turned into a success story to be followed and embedded in the entire department.

While expressing the challenge and hurdles dealing with persons in Sector M-3, SPO Ali Zeb disclosed that PSV Companies were very reluctant to share information and provide tracker access at the beginning of the project. However, when its benefits surfaced, they started to co-operate. He further added that one of the leading companies' authorities discloses that besides thousands of accidents free trips, they saved millions of rupees from the cost of fueling when over-speeding and rash driving were curtained efficiently by NHMP.