Non-essential imports ban hailed

Our Correspondent
Saturday, May 21, 2022

KARACHI: The Employer's Federation of Pakistan (EFP) on Friday said a ban on imports of non-essential luxury goods under the ‘emergency economic plan’ is crucial for Pakistan to prosper.

“This decision by the government to ban imports is for the betterment of our country’s economic situation and deteriorating BOP position,” Ismail Suttar, EFP president said.

Suttar said the EFP believes that this import ban should extend to all non-essential/ luxury imports.

“With the dollar crossing the 200 rupees mark, imports have become as expensive as ever. As a result, a ban on all non-essential/luxury goods will help accelerate a recovery of Pakistan’s BOP position,” he added. “This decision would also help increase employment within the country and increase demand for local goods.” He said the government needs to take several more unpopular decisions to save the country from economic turmoil.