March on capital: Will announce date between May 25-29, says Imran

Nadeem Shah
Saturday, May 21, 2022

MULTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said Friday he would announce the final date for the long march on Islamabad between May 25 and 29.

Addressing a mammoth public meeting at Qila Qasim Bagh Stadium, he said harsh weather and dictatorial tactics of the government could not stop them from bringing about a revolution. He said the families of soldiers and bureaucrats would join the sit-in in Islamabad, adding it will be the biggest gathering not only of Pakistan but also of the world.

Criticising Nawaz Sharif, he said a fugitive sitting in London was taking decisions of the country. The government was creating a Sri Lanka-like situation in the country.The PTI chairman said that the PTI would never allow ‘looters and US slaves’ to rule the country, as the present government had failed on all fronts and was destroying the economy. He said the country had suffered after surrendering to a superpower, adding he has made a pledge that he would make the nation proud. He said the opposition was angry because it was not given an NRO which Musharraf had introduced. He said that when former dictator Musharraf had put Nawaz Sharif in jail, he had run short of tissue paper because of wiping his tears. A new development had taken place and the ‘looters’ were declared ineligible.

Imran Khan said that the US war in the name of terrorism had destroyed the tribal areas, adding billions of dollars were lost and thousands of soldiers and civilians were martyred. “Has the US ever thanked us?” He said the US had never asked Israel to end its atrocities in Palestine. He said the US and Europe had not even condemned the killing of a journalist in Al Quds.

Imran said the US wanted us to condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine and refrain from signing trade agreements with Russia. The US had carried out drone attacks in Pakistan in violation of all international laws.

Imran Khan said that no revolution in the world could be successful without the youth and women, adding his prayers in this regard have been answered. He said the coalition government was so weak that it had to call a National Security Committee meeting to determine the petroleum prices. He said the government was planning to put the blame of rising prices on the army.

He said the opposition had tried to conspire against him when he was the prime minister to pressurise him to forego corruption cases and give it another NRO. He said that Shehbaz Sharif was a guarantor in the Lahore High Court that Nawaz Sharif would return. Nawaz Sharif should be punished for submitting a false affidavit.

Imran Khan thanked the people of Multan for the warm welcome. He said that he had always wanted the Pakistani nation not to bow to mafias and superpowers. He said his dream was coming true during his lifetime. He also thanked women and youth for attending his rally in large numbers.PTI vice-chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and others also addressed.