Mazari accused of bogus mutation of 800 kanals

Sher Ali Khalti
Sunday, May 22, 2022

LAHORE: There is no mention of Shireen Mazari’s name in the FIR lodged by the Anti-Corruption Establishment, Dera Ghazi Khan.

The ACE, however, in its investigation report has accused Mazari of transferring 800 kanal fraudulently through bogus mutation in the name of a bogus company, M/s Progressive Farms Limited. The FIR was lodged under PCA5-2-47-409 PPC against Shaukat Ali Patwari and Qisamt Ali Patwari in DG Khan region.

On April 13, 2022, a Joint Investigation Team of the Anti-Corruption Establishment, Punjab, had nominated Shireen Mehrunnisa Mazari an accused in the land transfer case. According to documents, the DCO/ex-officio deputy director of Rajanpur district had sent a reference to the Punjab ACE DG vide No 1579/HC (LRC) on 09.04.2022 regarding misplacement of original Jamabandi 1971-72 of Mouza Katcha Mianwali No. 02 wherein registration of a case against the delinquents was recommended by him.During the course of investigation, Muhammad Afzal, Tehsildar Rojhan, Muhammad Waqas Mureed, Land Reforms Clerk, DC Office, Rajanpur, Muhammad Asghar, Girdawar and Abdur Rehman, Patwari, Record Room, DC Office, Rajanpur, were summoned and statements under section 161 CrPC. were recorded vide case diary No 2. Similarly record was taken into possession vide recovery memo accordingly. During the scrutiny of record, it was revealed that Mst Shireen Mehrunnisa Mazari in connivance with revenue officials had fraudulently and through bogus mutation No. 27 dated 06.01.1972 had transferred 800 kanals in favour of a bogus company, M/s Progressive Farms Limited.

However, perusal of Partt Patwar revealed that neither thumb impressions nor signatures of the buyer and the seller were immersed by revenue officers/ officials. However, about Partt Sarkar, Abdur Rehman Patwari of Record Room, DC Office Rajanpur, reported that Partt Sarkar of the said mutation was never submitted to Muhafiz Khana, DC Office, Rajanpur. Furthermore, the Federal Land Commission in its report dated 26.05.1975 had declared this mutation bogus.

During the perusal of record, it was revealed that land measuring 1,386 acres of Mst Shireen Mehrunnisa Mazari was surrendered to the provincial government through the land commission.

In mutation No 39 dated 05.07.1973, there was cutting and tempering, however, its Partt Sarkar was not provided by the revenue staff to the JIT.

The Rojhan AC in an inquiry report dated 08.04.2022 had reported that Jamabandi of year 1971-72 of Mouza Katcha Mianwali 2 was misplaced by the revenue officials in connivance with Sardar Aashiq Muhammad Khan Mazari (late) and his family because the said family was the only land owner of the complete mouza. On 12.04.2022 & 13.04.2022, the JIT head had visited the office of the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, Rajanpur, for collection of record, afforded personal hearings to revenue officers/ officials and recorded their statements u/s 161 Cr.PC. and prepared a recovery memo of the record. Similarly, the ACE Circle Office, DG Khan (member JIT), visited Mouza Katcha Mianwali-2 to collect circumstantial evidence. On the basis of incriminating facts/ evidence, the JIT had nominated Mst Shireen Mehrunnisa Mazari as accused vide case diary No 03 dated 13.04.2022.