Over 50 take part in all-women motorbike rally for empowerment

Our Correspondent
Monday, May 23, 2022

Over 50 women raced their two-wheelers as they rolled out on Sunday in an all-women bike rally organised by Daraz, the leading e-commerce platform in Pakistan, in partnership with Pink Riders, as part of the Daraz WOW Women Week celebrations.

The Women’s Bike Rally started at the Sea View McDonald’s, then circled back from the Emaar Towers, with the women taking over the roads on their bikes, celebrating their shopping week. The rally was also a sign of breaking the bias, ruling the streets, riding their dreams, and WOWing the world with confidence and style.

The rally delivered a message of women empowerment, women taking charge of their lives, showcasing their existence in social spaces, exercising their simple right to commute however they want, or breaking gender roles.

The organisers emphasised providing equal opportunities for women in all walks of life, and said that there should be a continuous struggle to provide equal rights to female entrepreneurs and online female shoppers in Pakistan.

Daraz marketing head Urooj Ahmed said that there is a common belief that women do not tend to shop, or sell their products or services online, whereas the facts state otherwise. “We see a shift in women’s shopping and selling behaviour in Pakistan, and e-commerce has redefined the shopping and business culture for women in Pakistan. The new trend of online women entrepreneurs selling their products on Facebook groups proves their ability to work online.”

Katrina from Pink Riders said that women need to step out of their homes and comfort zones and work. “If there’s no public transport, women need to buy bikes and learn how to drive them.” She said that the public transport situation in the city is pathetic, so it is high time that women come out of their comfort zones and break societal taboos, and start driving motorbikes.

The Daraz WOW Women Week kicked off on May 18, and it is dedicated to all the women in Pakistan crushing every day despite all the odds. In addition to this, Daraz is also having its parcels delivered by their women riders, who are the newfound Daraz Express Hero during the WOW Women Week. Daraz plans to give employment to female riders who are willing to become their riders.