Preventive measures taken against dengue virus: CDA

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Islamabad: Capital Development Authority (CDA) in collaboration with Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad and District Health Officer has evolved an effective strategy to prevent the growth of the dengue virus in the federal capital.

The authority had allocated Rs17 million to procure modern equipment, including fumigation machines, mosquito repellents, and other gadgets to be used to eliminate dengue larva, said its spokesman on Friday.

He said the Health Services Directorate of CDA has geared up efforts against the virus, adding that the city was divided into different zones with the deployment of field teams.

The surveillance and monitoring teams were visiting respective sectors' green areas, slum areas, mosques, markets, shops, and residential streets to explore hot spots and high-risk areas where the dengue mosquitoes can breed.

The high-risk areas including a potential threat to the inhabitants and residents were reported to the spraying / fogging teams to conduct their activities in hot spots on an urgent basis.

Furthermore, the Sanitation Directorate carried out a special clean-up operation in the potential dengue breeding areas to remove its larva.