Sunday, Jun 05, 2022

Fuel prices have increased again, and a further increase is anticipated in the next budget which will further add to the miseries of the already overburdened poor and the middle classes. The incumbent government must understand that no one is ready to buy its narrative that a baggage of financial crises has been left by the previous government. The people want immediate relief, which seems like a distant dream. Electricity prices have also gone up, and the duration of loadshedding has touched intolerable heights. In the middle of an acute financial crisis, the prime minister went on a foreign trip to Turkey.

It is true that the government can’t do anything about the global financial crisis; however, it can introduce some measures to reduce the anger of the people. The government must immediately stop fuel and electricity allowances given to government servants, legislators, ministers, etc. Expenses incurred on foreign trips should be cut down as well. There should be a ban on the import of all luxurious vehicles. It is time the elite class felt the plight of other people and share the financial burden.

Malik ul Quddoos