Solving people’s problems, preventing crimes top priorities, says IGP Memon

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Jun 05, 2022

KARACHI: The newly appointed Sindh police chief on Saturday said that solving people’s problems and preventing crimes are his top priorities.

Ghulam Nabi Memon also said that black sheep in the police department will not be tolerated at all, and only officers with good reputation will be given important responsibilities.

The IGP made these remarks in a high-level meeting that he chaired at the Saleem Wahidi Auditorium in Clifton. It was attended by all the additional IGPs of the province, and all the DIGs and district SSPs.

Officials said that the police chief ordered making operational and investigative matters and measures effective through a joint strategy, especially to improve the performance of the investigation department and to ensure liaison with the prosecutors.

Memon said that the anti-crime strategy of the police, including patrol plan, should be improved and consolidated keeping in view the motorbike lifting incidents and other types of criminal activities, and the timings in which the crimes are committed, while the police should immediately crack down on the groups involved in these crimes.

He said that keeping the law and order situation under control and protecting the lives and properties of the people is the main task of the police, so any negligence or carelessness will not be tolerated at all.

Regarding the black sheep in the police department, he said: “I have no capacity for them, and such officers won’t be given any important responsibility in future.”

The IGP said that detection of cases and subsequent sentencing of the accused by the relevant courts is the primary responsibility of the police, so all the necessary matters and measures in this regard should be made very concrete and fruitful.

“I’ll personally visit the entire province to review the performance of different districts.”

He said that possible crimes against women, children and minority groups should be prevented, and timely police response and action on any report or complaint in this regard must be ensured in all respects.

He also ordered compiling data on organised crime, listing the elements regularly involved in the menace of Gutka, Mawa and drugs, stressing on cracking down on them through coordination and joint measures at district level with the aim to eradicate such crimes.

Memon said that the relevant DIGs and SSPs should personally monitor the investigation process of house robberies and other cases, and bring their cases to a logical conclusion with their professionalism and experience. He said sentences should be ensured from the relevant courts.