Breaking the vote bank?

Monday, Jun 20, 2022

To get me and my family’s updated voter record, I sent our CNIC numbers at 8300 – the SMS service provided by the ECP. To my surprise, I found that my serial number, family number and voting area was different from my wife and daughter’s. How can my family members and I cast our votes in different constituencies or areas? This will cause a lot of inconvenience and waste of time on the day of the election. To resolve the issue and to have all details streamlined, I called the ECP helpline. But after a long wait, my call was abruptly disconnected.

What the ECP can achieve by separating family members to different locations, other than causing them discomfort and troubles, is a huge question mark. One feels that this step is a deliberate attempt at reducing the votes of some political party.

M Khalid Kamal